Where’s Your Jet Pack? Yves Rossy Has It And He Has Taken Flight

If you are anything like me you’ve been wondering for years where your hovercraft, self-driving car and jet pack are. This is the future after all. With Google hard at work on their autonomous car and the airplane you can park in your driveway, it was only a matter of time before jet packs became a reality. And so it is.

Courtesy of Breitling

Breitling announced yesterday Yves “Jetman” Rossy successfully completed his  jet pack fueled flight over the Grand Canyon. Powered by 4 model jet turbines and a 6 1/2′ wingspan strapped to his back, Rossy began his flight with a free fall from a helicopter high above the Grand Canyon rim. His custom designed suit allowed him reach speeds of up to 190 mph and remain airborne for 8 minutes, until opening his parachute and gliding to the canyon floor.

Courtesy of Swissinfo.ch

Rossy’s flight was initially scheduled to occur friday with press in attendance to witness his latest achievement. However, the friday flight had to be cancelled. Reports conflict as to the true cause of the cancellation. The Grand Canyon flight is not the first time Jetman has flown, rather his U.S. debut. In fact, Rossy had already completed successful flights over the Swiss Alps and English Channel.

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