What once was old is new again . . . Commodore 64 back & better than ever.

Tech geeks and gamers rejoice! The Commodore 64 is back in the PC market. Today, Commodore USA took to their website to announce the C64X, by asking “Do you remember your first love?” The original machine, we loved in the 80’s, proudly boasted an 8-bit processor and the large clacking keyboard in beige. While it wasn’t the most functional PC to hit the market, the Commodore 64 will always hold a special place in the hearts and minds of Tech enthusiasts and gamers.

Courtesy of Commodore USA

While the newest incarnation, dubbed C64X, will look to capitalize on the nostalgia of the original, it has been updated for today’s modern sensibilities. Updated features include an Intel Atom D525 1.8Ghz Dual core processor, 2GB DDR2 Memory (upgradeable to 4GB), NVIDIA ION2 Graphics chipset, and a Hard Drive ranging in size from 160GB up to 1TB. Commodore 64X units ship with an Ubuntu 10.04 LTS install disk and those purchasing units will receive a supplemental disk, including the proprietary Commodore 1.0 OS, emulator and classic game package when the software is available, at a later date.

Courtesy of Commodore USA

Prices range from $250.00 USD for the C64X Barebones unit to $895.00 for the C64X Ultimate unit. The C64X Barebones unit consisting of the case, chassis and keyboard, including the multi-format Card Reader & USB port. Meanwhile, the C64X Ultimate includes all the basics, plus additional optional features such as 4GB of internal memory, 1TB Hard Drive, BluRay, WiFi (802.11 b/g/n) and Bluetooth capability.

The online store is up and running at Commodore USA and units are available now for pre-order.


** The announcement of the Commodore C64X is too suspiciously close to April Fool’s Day for my liking. You can bet if the announcement turns out to be an elaborate hoax, or a test of the market’s interest, this techie will be perusing eBay to purchase an original case and put my DIY skills to good use.