Webcomic Wednesday: The Ongoing Adventures of Rocket Llama & Action Chick

Wednesday is widely known as “Hump Day.” Among the geek nation, Wednesdays is also much anticipated as “Comic Release Day.” In that grand tradition, we’re celebrating “Comic Release Day” by featuring webcomics.

I discovered our first webcomics through a mutual friend, Action Flick Chick, Katrina Hill. She introduced me to the wonderful world that is Rocket Llama Headquarters, “The World’s Oldest Ezine . . . since 1916.” Among the nerdery, is the home of a few webcomics. The two featured here are The Ongoing Adventures of Rocket Llama  and Action Chick.

The Ongoing Adventures of Rocket Llama was created by Alex & Nick Langley and is exactly what it sounds like – the adventures of Rocket Llama and his friends, as they continually prove that intelligent animals can save the world. That’s right. Rocket Llama is, in fact, a Llama with a rocket strapped to his back. He is joined by his feline friend, Bart, who also happens to pilot a biplane, and a host of other amusing characters.

Their latest adventure is laid out in The Tomb of Nosfur-Rattu. Girabaldi Gerbil is caught engaging in criminal smuggling activities. Little did he know his simple act of selfishness would put others in harm’s way. Among the items he smuggled, was a black box containing a most feared creature. Once the creature escapes, he captures Percival Penguin. Rocket Llama and the gang must brave the evil hoardes of Nosfur-Rattu’s minions if they hope to see their friend again.


Graphic courtesy of Rocket Llama 


For me, The Ongoing Adventures of Rocket Llama delivers exactly what I look for in a comic – something fun. The art is bright and colorful and the characters are too darn cute not to love. I would describe Rocket Llama as a cross between an adorable plushie and Indiana Jones (btw, I would seriously love a Rocket Llama plushie). There is more here – an inherent bond between the characters, even between the good guys and the bad guys. This adventure imparts an underlying message throughout that we all make mistakes or choose the wrong either out of selfishness or pettiness, but essentially, we are all good.

Though the story is not overly complicated; it sets the stage for a grand adventure and reminds the audience of the importance of friendship. We like to say we would do anything for our friends. Ask yourself, would you band together to save your friend from the dreaded Nosfur-Rattu?

Together, Alex & Nick Langley have created something  truly special with The Ongoing Adventures of Rocket Llama. While there are currently no new issues, I hope the future will see many exciting, new adventures for Rocket Llama and his friends. In the meantime, I encourage you to click here and join in the fun by reading The Ongoing Adventures of Rocket Llama presents The Tomb of the Nosfur-Rattu.


Graphic courtesy of Rocket Llama & Action Flick Chick


Alex & Nick teamed up with Action Flick Chick, Katrina Hill, for their latest webcomic series, Action Chick. Their newest forray into webcomics was a brave one. What began as a drawing of a bright yellow chick wielding a firearm and enough ammo to make Rambo think twice, they took to the strip in an effort to capture the essence of Katrina Hill in her iconic “chick” form.

Katrina is best known for her intense love of all things action, especially movies. Being aquainted with so many artistic folks, it was only a matter of time before she found herself animated. Almost every week, the internet is graced with another strip of Action Chick. The audience gets to follow along from her animated beginning, in the first strip posted on Rocket Llama’s website, to her everyday interactions with Godzilla, Predators, I-Man and 3-D. 

Undoubtedly, what makes this comic work is the close working relationship Alex, Nick & Katrina share. It lends itself nicely to the character development of Action Chick. With each comic, you get a true sense of Katrina’s personality. The comic is witty and humorous, tackling pop culture just as I imagine Katrina would.

Head over to Rocket Llama Headquarters (http://www.rocketllama.com) to check out The Ongoing Adventures of Rocket Llama and Action Chick! Don’t forget to visit Action Chick herself at Action Flick Chick (http://www.actionflickchick.com)!