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It is Wednesday and you know what that means . . . webcomics! This week I am getting you in on the ground floor with a brand new webcomic, One Die Short. The first post hit the interweb on May 6th, and Matt Forcella has opted to continue posting new pages every Monday and Thursday.

One Die Short follows a group of Dungeons & Dragons gamers as they engage in some role-playing and live their lives. With an eclectric handful of characters, including a girl-shy GM, a Satan worshipping order, an existentialist and a gal just looking to fit in, I anticipate some interesting plots in the future.

One the things I enjoy about this comic already is that the story and art does not limit itself to the characters. As the characters play out their game, the audience gets a front row seat to the game. This plays perfectly in this comic as the D&D characters are an extension of the characters themselves.

The art is bright and expressive. Forcella is himself a long time gamer. He does an excellent job with the dialogue and it is clear he pulls from his own extensive gaming experience in creating this comic. One Die Short reminds me of so many of the gaming tables I have witnessed in my time.

One Die Short is a great new comic and certainly a must-read for the role-players among us. I am sure you will find something that you can relate to.

Keep up with One Die Short at http://www.onedieshort.com.
Follow One Die Short on Twitter @OneDieShort.

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