Webcomic Wednesday – Game of Thrones Gets Inked

I am still counting down to the season 2 premier of the HBO series, Game of Thrones. With that in mind, I am celebrating Webcomic Wednesday by bringing your attention to A Comic Of Ice And Fire, a Game of Thrones comic.

Sure this webcomic is on hiatus after only 8 strips, pending copyright issues, and no one involved with the comic is in any way affiliated with George R.R. Martin or HBO, but I am sharing it nonetheless. I enjoy highlighting creative fans and this webcomic is just that, a project created by passionate fans. You have to admire anyone who even considers to adapt such an epic piece of literature. While the comic does stray from the original story in parts, the focus is to convey the general story. If you are a fan of the novels or the television series, you will see the main plot points are there, with a bit of humor thrown in as well.

The art style isn’t the best and is a bit too brightly colored for my taste. It does little to capture the tone or environments of medieval setting and the drama of the plot and the writing is sparce. That being said, I must applaud the writer and artist for undertaking such a popular property and treating it to a bit of fan service.

To read A Comic Of Ice And Fire, visit the official website here.


If you prefer to get your comics in print, Dynamite Entertainment began publishing a comic adaptation of A Game of Thrones based on the George R.R. Martin novels last year. Currently, there are 8 of the 24 anticipated issues released and available for purchase. The first 6 issues have been combined into a book, A Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel – Volume One. To purchase your comic, visit the Dynamite Entertainment website.


Graphic Credit: Dynamite Entertainment

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