Webcomic Wednesday – Corporate Skull

Corporate Skull original started in 2009, focusing on the life of a pencil-pusher in the corporate world. When an unfortunate photocopier accident removes his face, the main character realizes the great symbolism and embraces a refreshing sense of freedom. Adopting an attitude of not caring, he is empowered and begins to enjoy life.

Courtesy of Jamie Smart – CorporateSkull.com

Created by Jamie Smart, Corporate Skull is a dark, witty approach to what most would consider the mundane. If you have ever worked in the corporate landscape and been assigned to a cubicle, you will delight in this sideways perspective. Corporate Skull is intended to be a 600 page book once completed. Issue One is available now online, as well as the start of issue two, with more on the way.

Smart is an established comic artist with several other projects under his belt, such as Fish-Head Steve, Angry Little Robots, Kochi Wanaba and Find Chaffy. Find Chaffy is an adorable childrens book developed for Scholastic and is available now for purchase.

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable aspects of Smart’s talent is his varied art direction. Each project he embarks on has its own personality, with respect to both dialogue and more notably artistic vision. While Corporate Skull is a must read for the 9-to-5 crowd, I encourage everyone to check out Jamie Smart’s other projects. I guarantee you will find something that will appeal to you.

To find Corporate Skull, visit the comic website. Be sure to also visit Jamie Smart’s website at Fumboo.com for links to all his projects, prints¬†and adorkable merchandise.