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I am a fan of The Lord of The Rings. I suspect like many of you, My fandom encompasses the classic J.R.R. Tolkien novels, as well as the Peter Jackson films. I also happen to be part of an elite group that has the opportunity to attend a theatrical screening of the film trilogy this weekend at the Coolidge Corner Theater. It is in anticipation of this event, I am pleased to share with you The Hunt for Gollum from Independent Online Cinema!

Poster Credit: Independent Online Cinema
Sometimes, fans get creative. Even more exciting is when fans pool together their collective knowledge and resources to pay tribute to that which they are fans of. The Hunt for Gollum is perhaps the best fan-made film tribute I have seen. More than 100 fans combined forces to create a feature film which honors the appendices by J.R.R. Tolkien. Filmed in England over two years, the film is a prequel to The Lord of The Rings and cost approximately £3,000 to make.
Directed by Chris Bouchard and with a phenomenal cast, that includes Adrian Webster, Patrick O’Connor, Gareth Brough, and many other talented artists, what The Hunt for Gollum does so perfectly is capture the tone and feeling of The Lord of the Rings. Everything from the finely crafted screenplay and stunning special effects makeup to the astounding digital effects and emotive soundtrack are so masterfully combined to create a truly engrossing movie experience.
Enjoy the trailer below, and watch the full-length film at The Hunt for Gollum website!

Trailer 2 – The Hunt For Gollum [2] by HuntForGollum

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