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I am a lifelong Trekker. Blame my parents, they got me hooked at a very young age. One of the highlights of my life was getting to meet THE WILLIAM SHATNER last year. While others may debate the merits of Star Trek: The Original Series versus Star Trek: The Next Generation and lament over Enterprise, Star Trek in all its incarnations hold a very special place in my heart.

To that end, I have read a lot of fan fiction, seen a lot of fan art and other creative projects inspired by Star Trek. Among all of these projects, I must admit Star Trek Aurora is one of my favorites. This computer animated film appropriates its title from the merchant ship which sets the stage for the story. While Star Trek Aurora is set in the Star Trek universe, the film looks to offer a different perspective – that of civilian merchants, scraping up work wherever they can and doing whatever it takes to beat out the competition so they can to keep flying. I know, the setup sounds a bit familiar. Thankfully, this is only a small part of the plot.


Graphic Credit: Star Trek Aurora


Star Trek Aurora weaves an unbelievably tragic story into what might otherwise have been a cookie-cutter space merchant movie. While it could be fun to follow a new set of space cowboys through the stars, this film offers a depth I did not expect. When the film opens, we are introduced to our main two characters: Captain Kara Carpenter, an incredibly upbeat and mechanically proficient young woman who is a tad reminiscent of Firefly’s Kaylee Winnett Frye; and T’Ling, a stereotypical stoic Vulcan who has moments of softness as her time with Cpt. Kara has allowed her to observe more human traits.

Quickly the audience is thrust into the action of the story, offering a look into the past of Cpt. Kara. A tragic back-story with a dark turn which leaves you wanting – more answers, more story and most importantly, more Star Trek Aurora. This only touches the surface of the overall plot. There is so much mystery and action and heart-tugging built into this movie, I do not want to ruin it for you with spoilers. I will only say that you can look forward to seeing Starfleet, multiple universes converging and near escapes.

Star Trek Aurora is an impressive film with a small production crew. Written, directed and animated by Tim Vining. His wife, Jeannette Vining lends her vocal talents to many of the characters, including Cpt. Kara Carpenter and T’Ling. Family friends Bob, Maggie and Michael Saur lend their voices to characters as well. The whole project is backed with beautiful compositions from John Catney¬†which truly captures the universe and serves as a lovely backdrop for the story.

Watch the first 10 minutes below and be sure to visit the official website to learn more about Star Trek Aurora.


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  1. For me the premiere of a production, whether fan produced or other makes no difference, I’ll be hooked if it’s good. I hope that this will become a series and not become a “One Hit Wonder”. The story and introduction of the characters is strong without giving up too much of the character profiles leaves me wanting to know a little more about our hero’s Cpt. Kara and 1st Ofcr. T’Ling’s history. In conclusion, I’m Hooked and I want to see another adventure!

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