Watching the Web – Osiris: Series World Premier

The web series Osiris has appeared before on my list of upcoming series to watch for. The wait is almost over! Osiris will finally make its web debut Wednesday, 09/28/2011 and you are invited to the premier!



The Osiris series is titled after its main character, a detective who cannot stay dead. No matter the circumstances, if Osiris (Brad James) is killed, he is revived in exactly 37 minutes. When the series opens, Osiris has 24 hours to locate a witness in a federal murder case who has been kidnapped. During the course of his investigation, Osiris discovers a bigger conspiracy and his hunt leads him to hints about the origins of his ability.


From the mind of writer and director, Donnie Leapheart of Pyramid Pictures, Osiris is a conspiracy theory wrapped in a crime drama with a dash of the supernatural. It is an ambitious series that looks to draw audiences in with its story. Filmed on location in Atlanta, GA, each episode is 5 to 8 minutes in length leads up to one heck of a cliffhanger in the 10th episode finale.


Join me as I tune in for the premier Wednesday, 09/28/2011 at 8pm ET! There are a number of ways you can watch:

Visit the Official website. “Like” Osiris on Facebook. Subscribe to the YouTube Channel or Subscribe on iTunes.


While you wait for the premier, wet your appetite with the official series trailer below.


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