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Chances are you have seen a disaster movie or two. You know, the movies where a super volcano, twister or nuclear standoff brings about the end of the world. In these movies, some “everyday Joe” manages to survive. Well, if the Mayan calendar theories are to be believed, the end of the world is around the corner and you do not want to be the “last man standing.”

Kaduche (Charan Prabhakar) and Wynn (Brady Bluhm) are two friends who have seen every disaster movie, at least twice. They are going alpha male and sharing all they have learned with anyone who will watch. In their web series, The Last Man(s) On Earth, they relay practical tips for surviving in a “post-world world.” Topics covered range from hunting and surviving a gunshot wound, to the ever useful skill of decapitating Zombies. Yes, I said Zombies. Who knows what the end of the world will look like?

What makes The Last Man(s) On Earth a worthy watch is the humor. Sure, they are providing survival tactics that are actually useful, but they do not take it too seriously. With canned explosions and a natural sense of comedic timing, The Last Man(s) On Earth is a joy to watch. Joe England and Aaron Hultgren have done a stellar job writing a series which blends informative tips with an easy playful quality. Charan Prabhakar and Brady Bluhm play perfectly off of one another and you get the feeling you are watching two friends just hanging out with all the jokes and cheap shots that accompany longtime friendship. If I must compare The Last Man(s) On Earth, the best comparison I can make is that this series is like Man vs. Wild if it were produced by Comedy Central.

Season 1 of The Last Man(s) On Earth consists of 9 episodes, approximately 3 minutes each with a few shorter episodes thrown in for good measure. Get started with Episode 1 of Season 1 below.



Currently, the cast and crew is working hard on The Last Man(s) On Earth movie, so be sure to keep check back with them often. There are plenty of ways to keep tabs on this web series: Watch the series and subscribe on YouTube, visit the Official website, Read the Blog, Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter (@lastmansonearth).

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