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Technology has allowed the human race to make remarkable strides. As telecommunication infrastructure expands across the globe, new markets emerge. Information is available at the swipe of a finger, while near field communication and motion control provide an ease to everyday interactions. Technology is so intimately interwoven with how we relate to one another that people are, perhaps, more connected than ever before.
Facebook has millions of users. People stand in line for hours for the chance to purchase the latest iPhone. We are a population of adopters, anxiously awaiting the next piece of shiny gadgetry we never knew we needed and now must have. How many of us have longed for a chip implant that would provide extra memory or allow instantaneous access to the web – the convergence of man and machine? It seems the next logical step for a population of technophiles. With all of the opportunities for advancement, how will we know when we have gone too far?
Courtesy of H+: The Digital Series
H+: The Digital Series is a look ahead into a future when man and machine have successfully merged. The H+ Nano implant was released for medical uses. Like so many things, the consumer possibilities revealed themselves and people flocked to be among the first to receive the implant which promised access to a bigger, better world. Not everything is what it seems. If you have access to the world, can your thoughts and actions ever truly be your own? When the developer goes missing, questions arise. Group of activists believing the implants a mistake come together; some will take action against the corporation and the effects will ripple throughout the globe.
Bryan Singer (House, M.D., X2, The Usual Suspects) produces H+, a sci-fi series which promises an action-packed mystery of a thrill ride.  The series stars rising actors Hannah Herzsprung, David Clayton, as well as familiar faces such as Alexis Denisof (Dollhouse, Angel) and Hannah Simone (New Girl, WCG: Ultimate Gamer). Expect 12 episodes to start. I, for one, am excited to see what happens and if the series will continue on beyond episode 12.
Today marks the H+ series premiere and you can watch the first 2 episodes on the official YouTube Channel. New episodes are uploaded on Wednesdays. Get a peak at what you are in store for with the official trailer below.

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