Watching the Web – Blood Light “The Lighter Side of Death”

Vampires have long captivated audiences. Millions of pages, thousands of hours of film in movies and television, and countless songs, have been dedicated to these creatures of the night. Now, Vampires have a new home . . . on the internet. Only these aren’t exactly the Vampires you may be accustomed to. Then again, “this is NOT a show about Vampires, it is a show about people who happen to be Vampires,” Blood Light creator Jared Stern says in the series welcome video.

Blood Light is a web series that explores what life might be like for Vampires living alongside humans in the everyday grind. The series focuses on a couple of Vampire roommates, Alex and Ethan. Both have their own issues to contend with – Alex has anger management issues and Ethan may be the worst Vampire you have ever seen. When the series begins, audiences join Alex and Ethan at a Vampire group meeting. In the first episode, audiences are also introduces to the “token human” friend, Connor, who regularly pretends to be a Vampire to entice women to sleep with him.

Right away, audiences will see why Blood Light is great. It works in references to everyone’s favorite pop culture Vampires in a fun and entertaining way. Almost immediately, Blood Light addresses creepy teen angst-ridden relationships with twinkling Vampires which have recently become a pop cluture iconic portrayal of Vampires. The series does not take itself too seriously and the writers have shown that well executed tropes can enhance the tone. Sometimes you just have to push through the fourth wall for art’s sake. The characters are well developed and relatable. You could see yourself hanging out in their apartment with them.

Over the course of the series, the audience gets to know these characters and a few others, like the quirky landlord, Jobin who frequently makes an appearance. While the first few episodes follow the lives of these neighbors. Later episodes of the series begin to develop a story arc to tie the whole series together. Blood Light is cleverly written and superbly acted with Karen Bray (Alex), Andrew Kimler (Ethan) and Jared Stern (Connor) taking the lead, as well as Adam Lash in the recurring role of Jobin.

Each episode includes moments that will have you rolling on the floor. The first season includes 9 hilarious episodes (including 3 episodes consisting of 0 parts). The first 5 episodes average 5 minutes in length, while later episodes average 10 minutes each. Fair warning: the actress portraying Alex changes as of episode 6. Even with the casting change, Blood Light is definitely worth watching, especially for the fang fans out there.

Visit the Blood Light website at for more information and to watch complete episodes. Episodes are also available on the official YouTube Channel .

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