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In this week’s Watching the Web, we’re taking a trip to a far away land with Bashcraft: The Legend of Hobo. Bashcraft combines the art of web series with a passion for world building.


Using the popular game, Minecraft to construct the series’ landscape adds to the fun of Bashcraft. The classic cubic design appeals to my retro gaming sensibilities and makes me long for good old fashioned 8-bit games. Written by Brandon Ashur, the series sets out to follow one man’s epic journey. Hobo is the reluctant hero – the every man going about his life when he hears the voice of The Creator. Bashcraft‘s Creator is not the stereotypical portrayal of love and light. He has a bit of a prankster in Him, which Hobo will learn time and again.


While the journey may be epic, Bashcraft does not hold back on the humor. The writing is a bit pedestrian, but that makes Hobo a more relatable character. Hobo captures how most of us might react if the voice of The Creator tapped us for a holy mission. How can you not love a man who’s best friend is a sheep?  The fun-loving, sarcastic Creator is a welcome change and instantly injects fun into the story.


Bashcraft: The Legend of Hobo offers a great spin on the classic fantasy adventure genre. This is a must-see for Minecraft gamers. The first three episodes have provided unadulterated fun and I am looking forward to seeing more. Season 1 of Bashcraft is still in production and new episodes are being released as they are completed. Warning: This series contains Adult Language.


To watch episodes of Bashcraft: The Legend of Hobo, visit the YouTube channel at Explore the world on the Bashcraft Mincraft server at

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