Watching the Web: Awkward Embraces

Meeting people is not easy for everyone and dating can be awkward for anyone – a series of high anxiety situations that take us out of our comfort zone. Add the uneasiness that sometimes accompanies the geek set and things have the potential to go horribly wrong. Awkward Embraces is a web series, taking the internet by storm, that gives audiences an inside look into just how awkward dating can be . . . with a geek twist.

The series follows Jessica (Mills), “a geek boy’s dream girl,” as she navigates the dating world. Accompanying her on her misadventures are her best friends, the sensible Candis (Phlegm) and matter of fact Lyndsey (Doolen), both with their own share of dating drama, including blind dates and bulges.

Brought to life from the immaginative mind of Jessica Mills, Awkward Embraces is clever and features situations that ring a bit true to life, making it a true joy to watch. The friendship between the actors is evident and makes the acting effortless. The characters incorporate their own brand of quirkiness into the antics and are incredibly relatable if you’ve ever dated a nerd, or been the nerd dating the “norm.” The series is laugh out loud funny and will leave you wanting more.

Season one consists of 11 entertaining episodes concluding with a twist that took the audience by surprise. February 18th saw the premiere of Season 2, with Jessica in a bad way while Candis and Lyndsey attempt to boost her spirits and find her a man.

Awkward Embraces is easy to find on the web. Use one of the distribution channels below to catch up on past episodes and follow along with Season 2. You can also subscribe to the series in iTunes.

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The Awkward Embraces Team is still in production for Season 2 and they need our help to continue. If you can, contribute to their IndiGoGo effort to raise funds which will enable them to create more fantastic episodes. Even if you cannot contribute financially, be sure to tell your friends, Like Awkward Embraces on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter. Spread the word!