Waiting Sucks – A Fangirl’s True Blood Retrospective



As the promotions for the new season of True Blood say, “Waiting sucks.” I look forward to the summer these past few years, for one reason, new True Blood episodes! This year we got a treat and were able to watch the first eight minutes of the show on HBO Go, and eventually through Video on Demand on various cable providers.

Was it worth the wait…..well, yes in most cases. The beginning of the episode was a bit . . . well, silly. I understand what they were trying to do with it – the fairies are trying to save their species and harvest, or mate with the human/fairy offspring. They were using glamour to look all pretty and fairy-like! I really like how the world went on without Sookie (Anna Paquin) there. In all the previous seasons, the beginning only took place a few minutes or days after the season finale. This felt like the town of Bon Temps waiting for us this time.

I love how the characters have developed. Jason (Ryan Kwanten) is responsible. Wow, this is something completely different. Tara (Rutina Wesley) moved on and is embracing her bisexuality. Good for her! Maybe now I will start liking her character. Layfette (Nelsan Ellis), my favorite character, is still with Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) and is exploring the Wicca thing, which I won’t go into. Sam (Sam Trammell)is in anger management, aka therapy, with other shape shifters. Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) purchased Sookie’s house and thinks he owns her now. Pam (Kristin Bauer), well she is just herself. Maybe she is the only character that hasn’t changed. Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) is living with Hoyt (Jim Parrack) and getting frustrated with monogamy. The biggest change – Bill (Stephen Moyer) is the King!

So far, this season has shown the most changes in the great ensemble cast. I like where they are going, but the execution is a bit too vague. One thing I have always enjoyed about the series is that each season they take a basic idea from the book series, and extend on it. This season is one of my favorite plot lines, with Eric losing his memory. If you are a fan of the series, you must read the books! They are great. They are all told from Sookie’s perspective. There is a wonderful character that is only in the books, but I am not giving spoilers about the book right now, hee hee!

A special treat this year if you have Comcast you can see the newest episode a week early on Video on Demand or the Xfinity website. If you are one of the lucky ones able to register for HBO Go, you also get early access to new episodes via the HBO Go website or smartphone app. So keep watching, so you don’t have to wait…because Waiting Sucks!

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