Upcoming Novel Announcement – Haywire by Justin R. Macumber

For the literary among our readers, I am pleased to announce an upcoming novel release! Mark your calendars!


Haywire by Justin R. Macumber will be released March 13th, 2012 on Gryphonwood Press.


Haywire is a science fiction novel with a strong technology influence and an alien component. The novel tells an invasion story where an alien race whose technological advances and superior power threatened the survival of humanity. All seemed lost, until a genius developed a solution harnessing nanotechnology. Nanotechnology would be humanity’s saving grace in the form of enhanced soldiers, called Titans. The nanotech imbues Titans with unbelievable strength and purpose – to defeat the Hezrin and see them destroyed. The Titans proved worthy advesaries and chased the Hezrin as they scattered out into the dark space beyond the stars. Many years passed with nary a sight of the Hezrin, or the Titans . . . until one day, one hundred years later when the Titans returned. Infected by a virus that turned the great defenders into our greatest enemy. The future of humanity is once again in peril. With only a scholar, her son and a lone, unaffected Titan soldier can humanity be saved?


Cover Art Courtesy of Justin R. Macumber


Haywire has an intriguing premise and I personally look forward to reading it. With the grand scale of the catastrophic threats and a very human survivalist story, the book already has me pondering the benefits and the potential risks of technology and how we would defend ourselves if faced with such a situation.


I would naturally suggest Haywire to science fiction fans. I would also suggest it to the anime crowd, particularly those who enjoy the mecha genre. The novel shares a number of thematic elements familiar to fans of giant robot anime. For more about Haywire, visit the official website.


Be sure to check out more of Justin R. Macumber’s works. Some of his short stories are available for purchase through Amazon.


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