Twitter Mobile Gets A Facelift…Enhanced Functionality for Touchscreen Devices

You use Twitter. You have a smartphone. Chances are you have an app for that . . . but what if you didn’t, or what if you didn’t have access the app? If you are a long time smartphone owner, you have undoubtedly been a casualty of a Twitter-API Developer war. Twitter wants you to know, no matter where you are, they have you covered.

Earlier today, Twitter unveiled their improved, and oh so pretty, mobile web app via their official blog. Starting from scratch, the app is designed specifically with touchscreen smartphones and tablets in mind, capitalizing on their adoption of the latest technology standards, including HTML5. Twitter set out to embrace the functionality of these devices and create a slick, easy to use experience. Packed with all the usual features you would expect, such as @mentions, direct messages, conversation views, lists, search, trending topics, and more promised.

Courtesy of Twitter

Last week we saw Twitter purchase the popular API Developer, TweetDeck. Surely, it is no surprise to see the official mobile site looking a bit similar to the newly aquired app. Coincidence or not, this is a much needed step in the right direction for the mico-blogging site. Twitter has the data, it is good to see them taking steps to make the user experience better.

So far the updated mobile app is only available to a small number of iPhone, iPod Touch and Android users. To access the mobile app, simply point your device’s web browser to If you have one of these devices and do not see the updated app, do not fret, Twitter is gradually rolling it out over the next few weeks.

To read the official announcement, visit the official Twitter blog.

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