True Blood Season 4 – Did It Live Up To Expectations . . . Or Did It Suck?



I wrote an article when the first episode of True Blood season 4 aired – basically a good review and I was happy with what was to come. I basically feel the same way now that the season is over.


What a great beginning we had! The opening sequence with Sookie (Anna Paquin) and her Fae brethren was great. Sadlly, they did almost nothing with this storyline as the season continued! I really enjoyed the introduction of faeries, and really wanted more, like in the Sookie Stackhouse book series by Charlene Harris. We have had so many plots in the novels about the Fae and some of the great characters were hardly used in the television series, like Claudine and Claude. Though, Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) pretty much ate Claudine, Sookie’s fairy godmother!


And then, here come the witches. I liked some of the ideas behind this, but it was a bit weak with the execution, only due to the ability of some of the actors and the writing of the characters. I personally thought the character of Marnie Stonebrook (Fiona Shaw) was a bit disappointing. I did like some of the background characters with the witch plot line, but it didn’t live up to the normal True Blood storyline. I did enjoy the whole Vampire vs. Witch Smack down. I greatly enjoyed seeing the tender loving puppy dog-eyed Eric, but I love him too much as a Bad Boy. When it came time for Sookie to choose between Eric and Bill (Stephen Moyer), I almost wanted Sookie to choose both men, since they both work so well with her!


There were some great backstories with Jason (Ryan Kwanten) – his adventures with women and how he always seems to get in trouble with them . . . first with the demented Crystal and later with Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll). I also enjoyed a lot of the back stories for other characters, With Alcide (Joe Manganiello) and Debbie (Brit Morgan), who I knew right along was still trouble. I did not like Marcus (Daniel Buran) at first, but Luna (Janina Gavankar) and her daughter (Chloe Noelle) are a wonderful addition and I hope to see more of them in the future. Tommy (Marshall Allman) is no more. Oh well, no big loss there, cute but very annoying!


The season finale was action packed, but very depressing! I am going to miss Jesus (Kevin Alejandro), but not Tara (Rutina Wesley). Since Layfette (Nelsan Ellis) is a medium, we will probably see them again! Another fun storyline was Andy’s (Chris Bauer) struggle with “V,” his fling with the faery in the woods and his crush on the witch, Holly (Lauren Bowles) from Merlotte’s.


Now, we are back to waiting. True Blood will be back for a 5th Season next summer and again . . . WAITING SUCKS!

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