Top 4 Gadgets To Beat The Heat

Courtesy of Jeremy Doucette
Courtesy of Jeremy Doucette

Summer can be an oppressive season. For all the joy in the long hours of warm weather, sunshine, and outdoor activity, there comes a point when all you want to do is cool off. After two solid months of relentless sun, you may be ready to seek a technological solution to the heat problem. You can only retreat to the air conditioned home and car so often; at some point you need to enjoy the outdoors. Fortunately, there are a lot of great tech gadgets for beating the heat so you can get out and take advantage of the nice weather.


Ice Cream Maker

Who doesn’t love a cool treat on a hot day? Surely you would have to be deranged to say no. Indulging in some ice cream in the scorching sun may just give you that extra incentive you need to stay out. What’s more, if you’ve always vacillated over purchasing that home ice cream maker, you finally have a perfectly reasonable reason. There are a lot of compact ice cream makers that won’t take up much kitchen space, can be easily stored, are simple to use, and are cheap. Plus, you get the added benefit of experimenting with your own flavors and finally realizing your lifelong dream of starting an ice cream brand. If nothing else, this is great way to cool down outdoors.

Automatic Mist System

The amazingly refreshing feeling of a cool mist on your skin while you’re baking in the sun is a feeling like no other. Perhaps you indulge in this sensation during a hot afternoon working outside. Perhaps you even go to great lengths to fill spray bottles and carry them with you to keep the mist in close proximity. Well, no longer will you have to enjoy a good mist the manual way. With an automatic mist system you can enjoy a cool, skin soothing mist hands free. These mist systems are portable and can attach to just about anything. If you’re working in the yard, attach the mister to the fence. If you’re lounging in the sun beneath an umbrella, hook it to the umbrella. During the hottest days of the summer where anywhere outside of the air conditioner is a hellish place, a portable automatic mister will keep you cool and comfortable outdoors.

Seat Cushion Cooler

Sometimes the heat can be most oppressive when you’re in the car. If the A/C isn’t enough and your body is still hot and sticky with sweat from the sun’s rays narrowing in on you in the car, you may need a seat cushion cooler. With this seat cooler, you can keep your whole body cool and stay comfortable while driving. This cushion contains air holes throughout the seat and plugs directly into the lighter in the car. The cool air then runs through the cushion, cooling your body as the sun beats down upon you through the window. The cushion also secures to the seat so you don’t have to worry about trying to adjust it as you drive.

Air Multiplier Fan

This technologically advanced fan was developed by Dyson and is a unique take on a gadget that you didn’t think could get much better. This fan sends a steady stream of uninterrupted air through a crack in the fan’s edge. Most fans use blades to circulate air and the stream is choppy. The Dyson air multiplier fan gives you a cool, strong stream of air to refresh yourself on a hot day. With a fan like this you may even run your A/C less.

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