Time to Say Goodbye to Stargate Universe

Graphic courtesy of NBC Universal
New episodes airing on SyFy, Mondays 10/9 C
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I am a fan of Stargate. I have been a die-hard Stargate fan since the movie starring Kurt Russell & James Spader hit the big screen. When I heard Richard Dean Anderson would bring Stargate to life in a television series, Stargate: SG-1, it was one of the best days of my life, as far as entertainment is concerned. I watched week after week for ten years, imaging one day I would get the chance to become part of the team and step through the mystical stargate. When Stargate: Atlantis found its way into my television schedule, I vowed that it would never replace Stargate: SG-1, nor be as loved. While Stargate: SG-1 certainly remains #1 in my heart, I grew to love Stargate: Atlantis just as passionately. And so it was the same with Stargate Universe.

When rumors first spread about the latest series in the Stargate franchise and how truly different it would be, I was concerned. While the series had some false starts, I now know I need not have been concerned. At the core of all Stargate series, they are a character study – an exposition of humanity in unexpected, sometimes terrifying circumstances. At their most base, they ask “What would you do?”

As the first season progressed and the crew of characters got to know one another along with the audience, we stopped just hoping to see Richard Dean Anderson and Amanda Tapping stop by for a cameo and began to feel for the characters. As they desperately searched for a way back home, we felt their heartache and loneliness.

Sadly, the series is no more. Along with the latest series, a much beloved franchise ends. Officially cancelled, the showrunners have had some time to figure out how this “Destiny” will end. Tune in tonight, 10/9 C, as SyFy airs the first of the final ten episodes, titled “Deliverance.” Watch the video below for a sneak peak.

Perhaps, we will get a resolution. Though, in all honesty, I do not believe I want a concrete end. This is one time I would rather let the series continue in my imagination. Blame my undying fandom that simply refuses to accept what I know to be true. Perhaps, it is this inexplicable passion for the franchise that finds my heart a bit broken as we embark on the final ten episode of Stargate Universe, bringing us that much closer to the day when there are new Stargate adventures.