The Global Future of VoIP

There is an international trend that’s in full swing – older, copper wire-based systems are being passed over in favor of internet-based communication. However, some nations and regions are still significantly farther ahead than others in their use of this more modern technology.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) will be the fastest-growing industry in the world over the next several years. Nations are adapting to newer forms of digital communication at a blistering pace, which will have a significant impact in how they succeed in today’s online marketplace. As more businesses take to the internet to conduct significant portions of their marketing and operations, this is an extremely important advantage to have.

This technology is especially beneficial for nations that do not have the same types of highly developed communications infrastructures as others. Consider countries like Indonesia and India, which are among the worldwide leaders in growth of VoIP use, especially in mobile VoIP. Other countries, including Japan and South Korea, have seen their heavy investments in internet infrastructure pay off, as many people and businesses are switching to digital communications. Japan already has the second-most total VoIP subscribers, with growth rates still extremely high, and their 68.2% mobile proliferation rate is three times that of the closest Western nation.

The following graphic from WhichVoIP illustrates the future of global VoIP growth. Take a look and analyze the socioeconomic factors within nations that influence the success of VoIP technologies, including mobile.

Graphic courtesy of WhichVOIP
Graphic courtesy of WhichVOIP

It’s become quite clear that VoIP is here to stay, and this international trend of rapid growth is only just beginning. As technologies advance and receive more promotion by the government, one can expect these technologies to be the norm in communication sooner than later.

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