SyFy Says Goodbye to Caprica

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Last week, our friends at SciFi Mafia reported SyFy‘s decision to cancel Caprica, the Battlestar Galactica spin-off [click here for SciFi Mafia’s coverage]. Tonight, the network solidified that decision. In it’s usual timeslot, Tuesdays at 10/9C, SyFy viewers found a re-run of Star Trek: The Next Generation. According to the powers that be at SyFy, low ratings are to blame for the latest of the network’s casualties.

Personally, I have to wonder if SyFy intended the continuing series to be successful, or if they were ready to bail as soon as they added season 1.5 to the programming schedule. A lack of marketing and a change in scheduling all but condemned the show.

Admittedly, I am a fan of Caprica. As a loyal fan of Battlestar Galactica, I ran out to purchase the pilot episode on dvd long before it aired on television and wondered at the corporate capitalist scheme I was buying into strictly out of fandom.  When the pilot episode finally aired, I was there . . . watching with baited breath. I tuned in for every episode. Though, it was difficult in the early days of the series, when the storyline strayed so far from the central plot and poor pacing caused episodes to sluggishly drag on. At the end of season 1.0, there were many times I debated whether it was worth tuning in for additional episodes.

Season 1.5 began and I opted to stick it out, at least through the end of the season. Since then, I have not once questioned whether or not I was a Caprican. Season 1.5 is what the series always should have been. The pacing is right on point and the stories are intriguing. All in time for the series to be cancelled.

What makes this cancellation particularly surprising is its abruptness. While SyFy has committed to airing the remaining five episodes, they have pulled the episodes from the current programming schedule. The balance of the series is scheduled to air in the first quarter of 2011, though an official date has yet to be announced. Again, one has to wonder if these episodes will actually air, or if we will find them available only on until they are released on dvd.

If you are not ready for Caprica to end, there are a few options to keep your hope alive. Rosemary Medrano has organized Save Caprica: Zoe’s Apple, a campaign to empower fans to take action. She encourages fellow fans to send apples to SyFy executives. The apple’s significance relates to the iconic image seen in a majority of the series marketing materials, such as the image at the top of this article. In addition, there is a Save Caprica Facebook Page and the #SaveCaprica hastag is appearing on posts all over Twitter.

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