Summer of Indie Games – Mistrunner

The team at Good To Be A Geek has a soft spot for indie developers. We have been thinking, much like blockbuster games from big game publishers get their season to shine, indie games should have the same opportunity to garner some attention.

At Good To Be A Geek, Summer is Indie Game Season! I will be highlighting games of different genres, for different platforms and styles of gameplay and encouraging our readers to support indie development. Through gameplay, I hope you fall in love with a new game and seek out other great “underground” treasures!


Our first offering comes from a friend, Glenn Buettner. A long-time passion of his, Mistrunner is a high fantasy roleplaying game which also integrates steampunk and post-apocolyptic elements. While this game has a core set of rules, let your creativity be your guide. Craft your character based on your chosen skills, rather than established class restrictions. If you can imagine it, you can do it with the flexibility of freestyle magic.


Rule book available in print in July. Download the .PDF version now!


You are a mighty warrior, life and death is determined by the swing of your axe. You are a fire elementalist, bending flame to your will. You are a cunning rogue, relying upon your stealth and your wits to fulfill your desires. You are a Mistrunner, plunging headlong into an unknown world, uncovering secrets long lost to the ravages of time, a living testament to the adapatability of ancient man.

Mistrunner is a fantasy role-playing game set in a far distant time where magic reigns supreme. Humans are now a thing of legend, new mortal races having sprung up since the days of the Reckoning, graceful Karanar, the stone skinned Kral’Kuru, and the ferocious Aslonians. The faerie Mists swirl all around you, the essence of magic with a life of its own. The ancient technology of man is slowly beginning to resurface, and many seek to unlock its forgotten mysteries. The world of Mistrunner awaits……

– Glenn Buettner, Game Creator


The rule book has been completed and you can download the .PDF version now and start playing!  At 302 pages, it contains everything you need, including complete rules and over 100 pages of setting material. Do not forget, you can get your hands on a physical copy (pictured above) at the end of July when it releases.

To stay up to date with current Mistrunner news, be sure to visit the website at


Good Gaming!


  1. Just got the cover back from the artist. Getting a test print of the book next week, then if all goes well, there will be a real you can touch it and lick the pages book in three weeks.

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