Storm of Words, A Game of Thrones Podcast – Season 3, Episode 3 “Walk of Punishment”

The HBO television series, Game of Thrones, has returned with Season 3. Also returning is Storm of Words, a Game of Thrones podcast! We’re back every week to discuss the latest episodes of the series and delve into the world George R.R. Martin created through his novels.


Jessa PhillipsThomas & Jennifer Jordan ( and Alexander McGrath embark on a journey beyond the wall to breakdown the episode, “Walk of Punishment.” This episode is spoiler-free; however, there is some discussion about how the series deviates from the novels.

The primary focus of the show is the tv series, so if you haven’t read the books you can still enjoy the podcast. If you have read the novels, just think of it as bonus content 🙂

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  1. really like the podcast…BUT could the guy who has read the books let us hear the reactions to events or scenes from those who haven’t? For example, someone was talking about how the Jaime hand cutting scene and how it was a big surprise and the other guy cut him off to talk about how it was in the book. As a book reader, I’d really like to hear the comments and reactions of those who this is all new to. I don’t mind the book talk at all, but I really think that reader guy interrupts too much and cuts people off too much.

  2. Hey guys, great podcast, but I have some corrections:

    1. Ramsay does appear in the second book, and should have appeared in the second season, he is at winterfell, he’s just pretending to be someone else (trying to not give spoilers). Also everything that is happening right now, does happen. In the ADWD Theon doesn’t give a lot of details about this, and maybe the show is changing some details but the escape from a prison does happen.

    2. The Mad King’s name is not Aegon, his name is Aerys. Also Rhaegar is not his brother, he is Dany’s older brother, and at the time of the war was Aerys heir, the crown prince. Aegon is one of Rhaegar sons that The Mountain killed i the sack of King’s Landing.

    Regarding the song, I guess it’s a bit of a taste thing, but in my opinion it was perfect for a episode with a lot of tonal shifts, and episode that was constantly shifting between somber things like rape and funny moments like the small council scene or Pod with the prostitutes. I think the song meant to do the same thing.

  3. Julia,

    We’re glad you enjoyed the show. Thanks for the feedback and the corrections! As someone familiar with the novels, have you been happy with the series adaptation so far?

  4. In general, yes, I’ve been happy, but of course there’s always some things I wish they would do differently. My main beef is how they changed Robb’s story-line, and I have some big concerns for Jon too, but I’m still hoping for a course correction on that.

  5. Mal,

    Thanks for the feedback! We will work on finding a better balance. I agree with you on wanting to hear the reactions of the folks who are new to the story. It’s part of the fun 🙂

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