SoCal Feb: The Con (and Bikini) Season Cometh

Cheers, kittens! So, last Hallowe’en I claimed I would post no blog until I finished the fourth title in my Savannah of Williamsburg historical-fiction series. (Fifth title altogether, including The Darlings of Orange County)

Well …ta dah!

Savannah of Williamsburg IV, in editing. Photo: Author J.S.Devore
Savannah of Williamsburg IV, in editing. Photo: Author J.S.Devore

Okay, ’tis a first draft; but, if you’ve penned any 400-page novels lately, you will appreciate the effort. Editing is in full-swing and I hope to have Savannah of Williamsburg: Washington, Wisdom and the West, Virginia 1754 in your curious little hands by Springtime. As my cheerleaders inspire me, “Go, monkey, go!”

Besides finishing my first draft, ’tis February and around here, Februārius means three things: my Viking’s birthday and both con, and bikini, seasons begin in earnest (86 degrees today on the sand and WonderCon is high nigh). The earliest blooms of con season (comic book conventions) are beginning to bud. WonderCon (L.A. Convention Ctr. March 25 – 27, 2016) is just over a month away and the thirty-day mark sounds the costuming alarm.

Natch, by now my costume is decided – Marvel Comics’ Agent Carter, the ABC/Hayley Atwell version – and all components have, mostly, been collected; but the one-month point is the time to double-check fittings, assess extra accessory needs and attend to such necessities as salon visits.  (One must have bouncy hair at a con!) To boot, I just realized, last night even, that Agent Carter, with her trademark red fedora and navy blue togs does not wear red heels … she sports blue! Duh! Alarm! Alarm! So, I am now on the hunt for the perfect pair of true-vintage, Post-WWII, blue Mary Janes. I deserve them. I know my value.

Marvel's Agent Carter, ABC Studios
Marvel’s Agent Carter, ABC Studios

Well then, if you’ve missed the feathery whippings of my espresso-tipped quill, like those above, fret not, kids. I feel the stirrings which move me to post regularly again and now I have the time, sans that which I should be using to edit Savannah IV. Conversely, though I can barely imagine, if you have not missed my musings and me, or just don’t care for my style, it’s a big Internet. Move along, Sir or Madam. You shan’t hurt my feelings.

If you are a geek, and, don’t kid yourself, you are if you’ve continued this far, follow me here at where, every Con Season (WC & SDCC) I post all the geeky, gooey, con goodness you need, including fabulous costuming pix by my partner-in-crime and our own photographer and costume designer Dr. Lucy of Twisted Pair Photography and Sea Gypsy Designs.

Apropos to the continuation of con season, even if you don’t follow my novels or regular posts, be certain to check back this summer for SDCC coverage, including Preview Night! (San Diego Comic-Con, S.D. Convention Ctr. July 21 – 24, 2016). BTW, for devoted readers, yes, I am writing another article for the Official SDCC Souvenir Book! This year’s theme? 75 years of Archie Comics. My focus? Betty & Veronica, of course! Who’s your fave Riverdale gal? LMK @JennyPopNet!

 Abyssinia on the Con Floor, Kids!

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