Shauncastic – Episode 128: A Cunning Conversation

I’m back on Shauncastic!

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This episode takes on Fan Creations and Copyright Infringement. The “Jayne” hat took over social media this week as independent crafters received cease and desist letters due to alleged infringement upon the copyright held by FOX. The hoopla comes on the tails of Think Geek’s announcement that they will be selling the officially licensed hats. Fans took to social media to speak out for the crafters, blame FOX and Think Geek got caught in the crossfire.

Shaun Rosado (@pneumaz), Laura Rosado (@drmrstheawesome), Josh Gilliland (@bowtielaw & @TheLegalGeeks), Juliette (@rumielf) and myself discuss some of the intricacies of the issue, the social media outrage and the what happens now.

Where our cast discusses the controversy behind Fox shutting down handmade “Jayne” hats.

The “Cast” this week is DrMrsTheAwesome, “Just” Jessa (from Good to be a Geek), Juliette (The RumiElf) and Josh* (from The Legal Geeks)!

*Nothing in this podcast should be considered legal advice or constitute an attorney-client relationship with anyone listening to the recording. All statements are purely personal opinion.

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