SciFi Television Preview – Defiance

Courtesy of Trion Worlds, Inc.

One of the most anticipated new programs in scifi television for 2013 is Defiance. The result of a joint venture between Syfy and Trion Worlds, Inc., Defiance hopes to create an immersive, interactive transmedia event like no other. Syfy has long been the network people associate with science fiction programming. Trion Worlds, Inc. has established themselves as a juggernaut in the Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) space with games such as RIFT.

Ilooks to bridge the gap between gaming and television. Trion Worlds, Inc. has created the MMO game which allows players to get in the game and experience the world for themselves. Syfy has assembled the talent to translate the world onto the small screen. What makes Defiance truly original is the interplay between the two. Events taking place in the MMO will translate into the action on the Syfy series and vice versa. To say this is a monumental task is putting it lightly; however, with a look at the latest trailer (below), we are hopeful the project will be successful.


Defiance airs on Syfy Monday, April 15th at 9/8C.



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