RevNews 2012 Year in Review – The Year of Geek Women

On occasion I have the pleasure of appearing as a guest on other sites and podcasts. A few weeks ago, I appeared as a guest on the RevolutionSF RevCast as they took a look back at the year of 2012. In this episode, we tackle the “Fake Geek Girl” controversy and attempt to discover what the issues at the heart of the controversy are, how it became such a big deal and how we hope to move on in the future.

The RevNews is back!  This time host Gary Mitchel is joined by some Geek women to discuss the events that have defined Geek Women in 2012.  You know that Jessa Phillips, Laura Haywood-Cory, Sarah Carless and Tegan Hendrickson are going to talk about the “real geek” controversy that has swirled around fandom this year.  Spoiler:  Gary gets made an honourary woman.

Click the link below to listen to the podcast!