RevCast Book Club – Parker: The Hunted

I recently appeared as a guest on the RevolutionSF RevCast for their monthly Book Club. On this episode, we delve into the noir inspired criminal world of Parker to discuss Parker: The Hunter. The Parker series was created by Donald Westlake and is a long-running series of traditionally published novels. Only in the last few years have they been adapted to graphic novel form by Darwyn Cooke.

We are taking it to the matresses this episode as we look at the Darwyn Cooke’s graphic novel adaptaption of Richard Starke’s seminal Parker novel The Hunter.  Our bookclub leader, Michael Emond, is joined by Parker fan, Van Allen Plexico and neophytes Jessa Phillips and Deanna Toxopeus to discuss the plot, the characters and the art.  The also deviate into the history of the series and give you some little tidbits you might only find if you spent hours on the Internet.

Click the link below to listen to podcast!

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