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Over the last few weeks, rumors have been floating around the internet and gamers have been speculating what exactly Sony would announce in tonight’s announcement. Andrew House, President & Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment took the stage to open PlayStation’s 2013 Meeting to assure the audience the gamer is the focal point of the new development. Promising a vision of the future that is “consumer-centric, developer-inspired and characterized by an unwaivering commitment to phenomenal play experiences.”

Sony is committed to the PS Vita and is taking steps to continue developing for the handheld device and creating opportunities for integrating it into the Sony network. The news we have all been waiting for is now official – PlayStation 4 is a reality.

Mark Cerny took over to remind us of the limitations of current consoles and the development which has lead to this next-gen console. Touting the PS4 as a system made by “game creators for game creators.” Of course, the PS4 has improved hardware, including 8GB of high-speed unified memory in conjunction with the local hard drive we are all accustomed to.

What would a new console be without new peripherals? Those leaked images of the new PlayStation controller were accurate. With increased rumble sensation, an integrated “Share” button, built-in headphone jack and a small touch-pad, the new dual-shock controller was designed to work more seamlessly with the new console.

“Simple. Immediate. Social. Integrated. Personalized.” These are the principles behind the development of the PS4. Sony hopes the new console will encourage shared social experiences and learn more about the individual users tastes and uses to enable it to predict what the user will want in an effort to decrease download time by allowing content to pre-load.

It seems second screen compatibility is all the rage. With PS4 and PS Vita, remote play will allow players to take their game on the go and continue their play. Sony is ambitious here, hoping to be able to run all PS4 games on the Vita handheld. On the downside, PS3 games will not be playable on the new console natively. However, they are looking ahead to make the entire PlayStation catalog available in the future through the use of new technology in conjunction with PlayStation Network cloud services. Thinking outside of the proverbial box, PlayStation wants to make their games available on a myriad of devices, not just the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, but tablets, smartphones, smart televisions and more.

Sony is an entertainment company after all, so it is hardly surprising that the PlayStation will include partnerships to provide entertainment content. Among the content partnerships are Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, EPIX, Crunchyroll and more.

As far as games…

Guerilla Games announced the next installment of Killzone, with gameplay footage from Killzone: Shadow Fall. 

Courtesy of Digital Foundry


Drive Club brings team-based racing to the PS4 and touts the ability to take the game on the go, allowing players to access gameplay on tablets and smartphones. Evolution Studios has gone to great lengths to focus on the details and the vehicles look stunning with the first person perspective. 

Courtesy of Revision 3


A culture of fear in an overly-surveilled future plus super-human abilities become the landscape in the PS4 exclusive, inFAMOUS: Second Son, Sucker Punch revealed. 

Courtesy of GameSpot


PlayStation re-iterates their appreciation for indie development, continuing their support of indie developer self-publishing on PS Network. Jonathan Blow (Braid) announces the new game from his small company, The Witness. The Witness is a puzzle-game which encompasses an idea in an open-world space and promises 25 hours of gameplay. 

Courtesy of Community Game


Media Molecule breathes new life into the PS Move. Finally making use of the Move’s accuracy, Media Molecule is using the controller to allow users to capture their dreams. 

Courtesy of GameSpot


Capcom developed a new engine, code named “Panta Rhei,” to maximize the capabilities of the PS4. For a sneak peek, they provided this trailer of a game in production, Deep Down (working title). 

Courtesy of PlayStation


Square Enix demonstrates their work in this real-time cinematic demo, using their Luminous Studios engine for PS4 game development. Square Enix announced more Final Fantasy is in the works and we can look forward to seeing more at E3 this year. 

Courtesy of Platano Games


Ubisoft is bringing Watch Dogs to the PS4.

Courtesy of JustPVPN


Blizzard Entertainment is planning to “take over the world” in a strategic partnership with Sony and announced Diablo 3 will be available for PS4, as well as PS3. Diablo 3 will include a 4-player co-op mode. For those of us lucky enough to be attending PAX East next month, we will get a closer look with additional media.


Activision and Bungie re-iterate their commitment PlayStation with another look at Destiny and promises PS4 exclusive content.

Courtesy of Bungie


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