Nom, Nom! Zombies, Monkeys and Plagues: Happy SyFy Thanksgiving, America!

Sometimes you just want black goo instead of gravy on your Tofurkey. Luckily, there’s the SyFy Thanksgiving weekend marathon … starting with the Helix Black Goo Friday Marathon.

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Leave the Tofurkey carcass, and that annoying cousin visiting from Cal Tech, on the front porch as a decoy and enjoy a horrific, Holiday weekend of persistent pestilence from SyFy: Arctic goo, King-sized Troubles, a cross-country zombie muster and so much space turmoil. Just in case football, Free Birds, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and a Friends Thanksgiving marathon don’t fill up your plate, unbuckle your pants, America; SyFy is serving up a heaping, fleshy platter of Helix, Haven and Z Nation. To boot, because there’s always room for pie, SyFy’s got a steaming side-board groaning under the weight of a two-day gorge-fest of seminal silver-screen sci-fi.

The gooey, geeky, goodness all begins Thanksgiving morning, Thursday, November 27th at 9:30a.m. (EST/PST) with 2001: Space Odyssey. Pour some more Baileys in your Sbux Italian Roast, tie on the apron and then fire up the kitchen viewing device to watch Star Trek Nemesis, Space Cowboys, Stargate and Poseidon while you help Grandmama boil the cranberries and glaze the yams. Be careful and don’t fill up on all that cheese; there’s so much more to come!

After everyone’s had a crowded but good night’s sleep, heat up a big bowl of leftover succotash and get ready for all-day heebie-jeebies on Friday, November 28th, 6:00a.m.-6:00p.m. as SyFy runs The Black Goo Friday Marathon: Helix S1 in its entirety, including cast interviews and a never-before-seen sneak-peek of S2, which will premiere Friday, January 16, 2015 at 10:00p.m. So many monkeys!

By Friday night, you’ll probably want to go to bed early. Fight that urge, schlubs, and stir up your adrenaline with WWE wrestling, viral zombies and New England supernatural scares the Puritans failed to notate in their daily journals of weather and midwifery. Original episodes of Haven (7:00p.m.) and Z Nation (10:00p.m.), plus WWE SmackDown (8:00p.m.), comprise your SyFryday primetime line-up.

Now it’s Saturday and if you haven’t devoted yourself to a gym-day by now, you’re not going to. Just own it, pull on your fave Quiksilver surf poncho and drawstring pants, grab a heaping helping of Mom’s baked cheesy potatoes and claim your Sheldon-spot on the couch.

SyFy’s weekend film-fest commences Saturday, November 29th at 10:00a.m. and then again on Sunday, November 30th at 10:30a.m., giving you an extra half-hour to crawl out of bed and beg one of your visiting relatives to make you coffee, probably that Cal Tech cousin. Filmic treats to nosh all weekend will include Fifth Element, Terminator 2, Blade: Trinity, The Happening and, just to get you in that festive, snowy, cozy-indoor, Christmas spirit, 30 Days of Night.

Happy Holidays, Freaks!


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