New to Angry Birds? Here Are Some Gaming Tips

Are you wild over Angry Birds? If so, you are not alone. This addictive, physics-based game rapidly became a favorite pastime for millions of players across the globe, and now that so many people are hooked, they are talking strategy. So, just what are the fundamentals of winning the game? If you are new to angry birds, then these gaming tips will help:

Know your birds. Different birds are best for different purposes, and you need to use them to their full advantage if you want to earn all of your stars. Blue birds correspond with the blue ice. That means they will break the ice but nothing else. Yellow birds have the same effect on wood, but aren’t effective on the other components. The black bird is more like a bomb; it literally explodes mid-air when you choose to execute the explosion. Use it wisely.

The trajectory. Don’t make the mistake of pulling the slingshot back and firing those angry birds without putting some thought into it; after all, that is the point of the whole game. The dotted line that follows your bird is your trajectory line. Pay attention to it and adjust your slingshot angle either higher or lower after each launch, depending on where your bird lands.

Be persistent. If you get the angle right, you may need to shoot a bird at the same trajectory repeatedly. Some levels require that you hit the same spot up to five times to make the structure come tumbling down.

The secret of the white bird. White birds drop egg bombs. This is misleading because it leads you to assume that the white bird’s power lies in its bomb. However, the truth is that the egg bombs are rather worthless. So what good is the white bird, then? The secret lies in what happens after the white bird drops its bomb; notice that, as soon as that egg is released, the bird itself shifts down at a thirty degree angle and gains momentum. This makes the white bird an extremely powerful force when it hits a structure. Therefore, instead of focusing on the egg bomb, focus on when and where you release that bomb, and where the bird will land as a result.

As you can see, Angry Birds is much more than just a hit or miss endeavor. There is some serious strategy behind the game if you want to take it all the way to the end. Use these tips to get there. And have fun!


About the Author: Allan Joynt loves playing Angry Birds and even taught his mom to play on her new iPad. When he’s not playing games or looking for other free android app games to enjoy, you can often find him reading or working on computer repairs.