Never Too Old for Hello Kitty!

Courtesy of Sanrio

Recently, I was telling a few of the women at my day job about some fantastic cosmetics with Hello Kitty branding. The majority of the women in the room are also in love with the adorkable icon for capitalism and were excited to hear of my latest find. My boss, with a look of confusion asked, “Hello Kitty? For you?”

I am a grown woman. Yes, it is true my 21st birthday has come and gone (we need not discuss how far gone), but I maintain there is no age limit on Hello Kitty! The same is true for anime, comics, gaming and all the other nerdery I enjoy!

This incident is not the first time people in my life have wondered at what point I would give up these “childish things,” simply the latest. I am sure my family was disappointed when I missed Easter dinner to spend the day at an anime convention. My co-workers will never understand why the only vacation time I plan for is the week I must have off to attend DragonCon. My “norm” friends shake their heads when I spend an hour chatting about tech or video games; they consider me their “crazy geek friend.” Although it has never given them a moment’s pause when they need help setting up their wifi network or learning to use their smartphones.

I pose this question, when did we begin posing an age cap on entertainment, on enjoyment? Perhaps the better question is why?

The “norms” can rage against me all they want. Peer down their noses at me with my sticker depicting Hello Kitty as a Totoro and roll their eyes while I sing the theme song to Ponyo, all while sporting my Crewman #6 t-shirt, lugging around the ZombieBomb comic anthology and watching Revision 3 on my Droid. I proudly carry a Geek card and you can’t take that from me!