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There’s little more satisfying for a movie fan than actually owning an item that has featured in their favorite film! These days there’s a big industry surrounding the resale of genuine movie props to fans, with props valued for their rarity and prominence in the film. You can browse props for sale online from websites such as and the famous Prop Store, which has locations in London and Los Angeles. What could be more exciting than owning a piece of your favorite movie?

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The life of a prop isn’t always straight forward, with most props featuring in far more than one film these days. As production buyers source sets, the first port of call will always be the studios’ own warehouse as free props immediately free up the budget of the production. There’s a great article that can be found on TotalFilm about 30 of the most used movie props of all time and it’s interesting to see how many films some props actually make it into. For example, a car license plate (2GAT123) that is listed in the TotalFilm article is said to have appeared in more than 17 films! Thats more than some movie stars!

Special Lighting

A production buyer can’t always rely on the studio stores and for the majority of items it’s necessary for them to actually go out and source and buy props. Some brands pride themselves on appearances of their products in TV and film productions. One such brand that I noticed recently was Porta Romana. They make designer lighting and have an impressive section on their website listing some of the appearances their products have made. Porta Romana’s list includes Mirror Mirror, Die Hard 5 and Skyfall amongst others. There is no doubt that movie appearances raise the profile of any product.

The Fans

The buying of props by fans is an industry that is only set to grow. Original, prominent and rare items are of course the most prized possessions, but for most of us these will be well out of reach. In some cases you can buy an item that’s been used by a studio right off of the high street shelf, well an identical copy that hasn’t physically been used in the film. For example you can find Porta Romana lamps for sale online.

Business Opportunities

For any budding Entrepreneurs out there, the prop industry might make a good venture if you’re willing to go that extra mile and make advances into other countries. The market of props in countries that are just seeing their own film industries improve might prove a great opportunity for those willing to take risks. One such country with great potential is Nigeria. Nigeria is currently experiencing a boom in its film industry and it’s a boom that has been predicted to continue for some time. Many Nigerians are opting for home grown blockbusters over their Hollywood counterparts and in future significant props from these films have the potential to make a good return.


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