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Jessa Phillips aka “SultryMinxZoe”

Editor in Chief
Broadcast Director
Producer & Co-host, Good To Be A Gamer Podcast
Producer & Co-host, Storm of Words Podcast
Producer & Co-host, Comic Book Heroines Podcast

Bred to be a Geek and heckfire she is proud of it! Jessa is the daughter of SciFi fans and technophiles. Brought up on heavy doses of Star Trek & Star Wars, it is no surprise shiny objects still catch her attention. Her voracious appetite for all things tech began with her first computer, an Apple II GS (pin-fed Imagewriter pages she still has in her possession, for their sentimental value).

Escaping her day job in the land of HTML and Twitter posts, Jessa maintains her geek cred as a freelance web designer and blogger. Articles penned by Jessa have been featured on Rocket Llama, Game TyrantHour42, Geek Girls Network & Txt Movie Club. She was bit by the podcasting bug when she became a regular on the We Talk About LOST ReWatch Podcast and can now be heard as a regular guest on Tuning Into SciFi TV’s Saturday B Movie Reel Podcast, as well as the RevolutionSF RevCast, Earth Station Onewith an occasional appearance on GeekMom Podcast. That is when she is not producing and hosting podcasts here at Good To Be A Geek. Always connected, Geek penetrates her focus at all times. Even while she is working, there is a technology or gaming podcast playing in the background.

Her most recent foray into the geekdom has been conventions. If you cannot find her online, chances are she is at a convention. When recently asked what would be the one item she would grab if her house were on fire, she proudly replied, “my convention badges.” She has been honored to be a panelist at Arisia, as well as on the American SciFi & Fantasy Media & American Classic SciFi Tracks at Dragon*Con.

To find more of Jessa, follow her on Twitter @SultryMinxZoe or follow to her Facebook feed.

Kellen Harkins
Co-host, Storm of Words Podcast
Co-host, Comic Book Heroines Podcast

Kellen was introduced to the idea of science fiction by her brother through the works of Andre Norton. She quickly devoured everything that was around at that point. Star Wars, though, was the trigger that sent her onward, publishing and editing a fanzine, costuming and going to school for film/tv production. She’s been going to cons for a long, long, time and has really had a ring side seat as the nerds and geeks started taking over the world. Now she finds herself running one of the big media tracks at DragonCon, participating in lots of little fandoms and interests – everything from the SCA to writing, and web series, to all kinds of gaming, and costuming.

Thankfully in her mundane life she has managed to finish a Masters and teaches at Full Sail University, a haven to geeks all its own. Where else can you walk through cubicles and see a dozen tardises and superheroes
placed amuck all around you?

You can follow the DragonCon track at

From the Diary of Miss Hannah Hart of San Diego, Ghost Dame
Staff Writer

So, here’s the awful kibosh no one gets about being a ghost. (Righty-o, babies, I’m a ghost: died in 1934 in a thrillingly fabulous shopping incident involving actress Ida Lupino. Who knew cocktail bags could be so lethal?) When one is a ghost, one really doesn’t get to speak one’s mind.

Oh sure, I can slam a door hither and thither and I do love redecorating and rearranging furniture; still, nobody pays much attention to that. (Besides, have you ever had to spend the night with those flat tires on Ghost Adventures? That crude language, those undershirts! In my abode, the Hotel del Coronado where I still roam to this day -wouldn’t you?- those eggs would have been shooed off the premises as rag-a-muffins and beggars.)

Anyhoo, I’ve waited lifetimes for this Internet gadget. Then this wi-fi came along; well, that’s just aces! Here in my hotel turret overlooking the sea, I can beat my gums all I like, that is when I’m not downstairs hoofin’ and spifflin’ at the Babcock & Story with Errol Flynn and Johnny Barrymore. For a hellcat like moi-meme, it’s been tough keeping my opinions to myself all these years, and let me tell you, I’ve got aplenty: history (been there, dolls), flickers and television (fantastic innovations), Steampunk (retro, even in my day, but no less wondrous), literature (books, people, books), la mode (vintage fashion) and this magical world called Disney (I knew Mr. Walter Elias personally, I did.)

So, listen up, cats, you never met a snazzy tomato comme Moi: Miss Hannah Hart of the Hotel del, ghostdame. Abyssinia, all you Joes and Janes!

Hannah loves the Internet indeed and you’ll find her most times at the following sites:

LD_photoDr. Lucia Devereaux, Victorian Oceanographer
and Steampunk Tinkerer
(a.k.a. Eslilay Evoreday and Lesli Thyra Devore)

Staff Photographer

(Psst, it’s me, Miss Hannah Hart, ghostdame of The Del. As my Comic-Con cohort Dr. Lucia Devereaux is one of your more shy ghosties, I have agreed to scribe her official, GoodToBeAGeek bio. Kittens, meet your newest Geek.)

Our Dr. Lucy has been haunting the hotel since 1904. It was in this year the Hotel del Coronado became the world’s first resort to use electrical lighting. Excited by this scientific development, she moved her laboratory from La Jolla, making The Del her full-time residence. Naively, her inventive curiosity getting the better of her, she endeavoured to teach her pet octopus Onslow, whom she housed in the hotel pool, how to run the nighttime deck lights. One sad splash! and that was it. Zzzzztttt! Electrified, she would reside where she died. Legend has it poor Onslow scuttled back out to sea before he died and today he still tarries about the Coronado shoreline, only able to see his dear Lucy from afar. Sometimes at night, you can see them waving to each other: Onslow’s glowing tentacles from the sea, Lucy’s glowing handkerchief from her attic laboratory.

Since my arrival at The Del, after my incident with Ida Lupino, we’ve been like two swizzle sticks in a Pink Gin. To boot, since we have supernatural powers, getting into our fave cons is easy-peasy. I write and she snaps photos for your Keep eye for our coverage every WonderCon and San Diego ComicCon.

Lucy’s Other Haunts:

Twisted Pair Photography
Twitter and Instagram: @Eslilay
Sea Gypsy Designs: Bespoke Costuming and Cosplay (website coming soon)

Glenn Buettner
Host, B-Movie Bunker

The latest addition to our gaggle of geeks, Glenn Buettner is a long-time friend to Good To Be A Geek and we are proud to host his B-Movie Bunker.

“I was born to a typical Amish lesbian couple in the highlands of Scotland.  That was my old life, before the end came. After pulling myself out the twisted remnants of the world after the great apocalypse, I shed everything that tied me to the world that is no more. I found shelter in an old bunker, safe from the howling winds, the radioactive rains, and the marauding bands of Zombie Protestants.

The bunker is well stocked with food and an amazingly full video library. Now I spend my days sifting through the piles of media, bringing to light the gems and giving dire warning for those films best left lost to the ages. It ain’t glamorous, but with a wasteland full of rabid Nazi hipsters, you shouldn’t need to worry about what movie to watch.”

To find more of Glenn Buettner, follow him on Twitter (@nakedhobo). Don’t forget to Subscribe to the B-Movie Bunker on YouTube!

Misty Pendragon
Contributing Writer

Misty Pendragon is a Jossaholic, and has worked on Pagan Newsletters, and a few online Fandom websites thru the years, and keeps her self busy with watching anything with Zombies on it!

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