Jessa at DragonCon!

Labor Day is just around the corner. You know what that means? DragonCon! That is where you will find me, September 4-7, 2015. 


Each year, I head to Atlanta with tens of thousands of my closest friends to “let my geek run wild!” There will be celebrities, cosplay and all the science fiction and fantasy a gal could want. While I’m there, I will also speak on a number of panels. Following, is my schedule of events. Be sure to stop me and say “hello” 🙂


10AM – Disney Afternoon: When TV Got Dangerous
American Sci-fi Classics Track
We will seek an answer that has eluded us since after-school TV in the 90s: What is a duck blur?

American Sci-fi Classics Track
Total Recall turns 25 and the Terminators are still terminating. Come to this panel if you want to live.

2:30PM – GoT: The Dark Time
American Sci-fi & Fantasy Media Track
This season hovered on controversial territory and into storylines that the books hadn’t touched yet. For good and bad, we’re all finding out now and is Jon Snow really dead? Book spoilers will be touched on in the final 15 minutes.

4PM – And the Winner is? 2015 in Sci-fi & Fantasy Movies
American Sci-fi & Fantasy Media Track
A look back and forward in the theaters. This was one of the biggest box office years ever! What worked, what didn’t, and what’s to come?

11:30PM – Flights of Fantasy: Last Unicorn & Flight of Dragons
American Sci-fi Classics Track
Your heir didn’t loom too big. We love the fantastic fun of these 1982 movies. You have no idea.


American Sci-fi Classics Track
The chakram. The battle cry. The amazing reign of an epic fantasy hero.

American Sci-fi Classics Track
The history, legacy, influence & fun of some of the greatest heroes in sci-fi TV, movies, & comics.


10AM – Sci-fi Roll-a-Panel
American Sci-fi Classics Track
A random roll of a 20-sided die determines this lightning round of mini-panels about classic sci-fi that we didn’t have time to cover this year.

4PM – Gotham: Preamble to History
American Sci-fi & Fantasy Media Track
A look back at the show that tells the story of the city before the heroes and the villains became something… more.

7PM – Dark Matter: In the blackness of Space
American Sci-fi & Fantasy Media Track
Six people and an android wake up in a damaged spaceship. That’s the initial setup and it twists and turns after that! Syfy’s newest show joins its new Friday lineup with some familiar faces.

8:30PM – Earth Station One Live! 
Podcasting Track
The Earth Station One crew takes a look at geekdom from a different perspective. A live recording on the State of Geekdom in 2015. The hosts will be joined by others for an overall discussion, boldly exploring the community that we all know and love so well. 


11:30AM – Outlander: The Thistle and the Rose
American Sci-fi & Fantasy Media Track
Time travel, romance, violence, and a strong Scottish brogue take us through the first full season of the Outlander saga. We’re off to France now! Book spoilers permitted in final 15 minutes of the panel.