Is The Event the next Lost?

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Of course not. There will never be a “next/new/replacement for Lost just as there will never be a “next/new/replacement for The Beatles.” They were each, in their own ways, perfect storms of astonishing talent and excellent timing that will live in the hearts and minds of die-hard fans forever. Now that we have that out of the way, I am happy to report that there is a lot about The Event for Losties to love.

The Event is fast-moving, with hops from storyline to intersecting storyline, and from time to time-before, to time-long-before, and back again (though The Event actually tells you “when” you are – isn’t that cheating?). There is romance, danger, more danger, and a sci-fi element. There are multiple characters. There is even a plane. And though this one didn’t crash, what did happen to it? There were several mysteries big and small presented during the finely crafted first hour, some of which, happily, were answered during that first hour.

Of course, there are several aspects to The Event that veer off the Lost path. Beyond the obvious difference in story lines, characters, etc., the involvement of the military and the government is an entirely different element, and the resulting conspiracy effect feels different from anything in Lost.

Still, many are reporting that The Event is copying Lost. I disagree. To me, it’s an homage, a nod to the brilliance of that style of storytelling, and an attempt to reach fans like us who appreciate a fast-paced story with multiple facets and one or more good mysteries. That doesn’t make it a “ripoff” any more than it makes it a replacement, but what is the alternative? Do we Losties say “No! No more interesting story lines, no more moving up and down the timeline, no more multiple characters, no more mysteries, and definitely no more hints at sci-fi!” How absurd. Relax and enjoy this one, Losties, and let’s see where it takes us.

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