I Want to Be a Geek Scout

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It’s summer here and my kids have been going to Girl Scout camp for the last two weeks. This means every morning I rush to get them up, dressed, covered in sunscreen and out the door in time to catch the bus. It’s quite a challenge given that we’re all used to moving at a relaxed summer pace, but I think it’s worth the trouble because once upon a time, I went to Girl Scout camp, too. I slept in a little tent in my Star Wars sleeping bag, roasted marshmallows to make s’mores and perfected the art of cooking hot dogs on a stick over a fire. There were arts and crafts, and silly songs, and we went swimming in the lake. It was a week filled with the things you love to do when you’re a kid. I sorta wish I could go again. Technically I could go, but as a Leader, and that would mean supervising a whole bunch of little girls. I don’t want to be responsible. I want to have fun! I want the grown-up version of camp.

As I was stuffing my daughter’s lunch into her backpack it occurred to me that Cons are like camp for grown-up Geeks. Everything at a Con is tailored to you, the Geek. If you don’t like one activity, no worries, there are a dozen others from which to choose. There are plenty of Geek friendly things to do like try new games and see movie trailers. Instead of crafts, you get to take home swag like posters, key rings and gigantic tote bags big enough to hold a small child. There’s even the equivalent of a “Camp Store” where vendors will sell you all sorts of stuff you don’t really need but just have to have to remind you of your fantastic adventure.

There’s even plenty of socializing but instead of a campfire, there’s the tweet-up where you get to stay up late (just like camp) hang out with people you really like but might not see again (just like camp) and drink a bit too much (okay, not like camp). Then everyone goes to bed only to get up at the crack of dawn and do it all over again. Just. Like. Camp. The only thing missing is an official organization, a pledge, and perhaps some badges. But guess what I found?

No, sadly there are no Geek Scouts, but there is a site called FanBoyScouts and they sell Geek Merit Badges. The image below is a badge they call Kessel Run and if you don’t get it then turn in your Geek Card right now.

So, we’ve got the badges. Now if somebody would just come up with a pledge we’d be on our way!

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