Humble Bundle Weekly Sale Offers Pay What You Want DRM-Free Games Every Week

Gamers who appreciate a good deal, DRM-free gameplay or indie games are already familiar with Humble Bundle. The Humble Indie Bundle was created as a way to feature independent games and offer consumers a way to purchase games while doing good. Arguably the best value in gaming, Humble Bundles often bundle multiple game titles for gamers to purchase by setting their own price. Humble Bundle sets pricing level suggestions that allow for additional content bonuses, but does not pressure consumers into paying more. Not only can consumers benefit from a great deal, they can feel good about their purchase, as Humble Bundle allows consumers to determine how much of their purchase price is paid directly to the game developers, Humble Bundle for hosting and processing, and select charities.

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This week, Humble Bundle launched their first Humble Bundle Weekly Sale! Each Tuesday, Humble Bundle will offer a new game for sale using their pay what you want model and providing the same distribution model to allow funding to be split among the game developers, Humble Bundle and the selected charities.


What better way to start the weekly sale than to feature a critically acclaimed game? For the first Humble Bundle Weekly Sale, Humble Bundle teamed up with Supergiant Games to feature Bastion! Bastion is an action-RPG game that allows players to take on the role of a kid who is tasked with restoring the world after the Calamity wrecks it. With remarkable 2D painted artwork, varied gameplay and an immersive soundtrack, Bastion earned much praise and many awards, including the Game Critics Award for Best Downloadable Game of E3 2011.


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To purchase Bastion and for more information about this week’s deal and the additional content available, visit the website at Don’t forget to bookmark the site as new deals will be revealed every Tuesday.

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