E3 2016 – Ubisoft Conference

June 14, 2016 0

How does a game publisher celebrate 30 years in the business? With an opening dance number, of course! Aisha Tyler opened the Ubisoft conference with grace to offer a few words of support to those affected by the Orlando shooting.   Just Dance 2017 announced for all platforms, available in [Read More…]

E3 2016 – Microsoft Xbox Briefing

June 13, 2016 0

Microsoft started their briefing by introducing the Xbox One S. Boasting a size 40% of the Xbox One with a starting price tag of $299, the slimmer Xbox will have up to a 2TB hard drive and offer 4K HD playback and Blu-ray. New wireless controller with a textured grip [Read More…]

E3 2016 – Bethesda Showcase

June 13, 2016 0

Tim Willits, Studio Director of ID Software, opened the showcase strong with the announcement of Quake Champions. Arena-style, first-person shooter fun is back on PC, now in 1020HZ with unlocked frame rates. Bethesda is using Quake Champions as a launchpad to embrace e-Sports and extend competitive play beyond QuakeCon. Pete [Read More…]

E3 2016 – EA Play Press Conference

June 12, 2016 0

It’s the event gamers have been waiting for…E3 Expo! Opening the parade of press conferences, Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts (EA) takes the stage to “invite us to play.” The press conference promised to and give us a peak at Star Wars, Mass Effect, Battlefield 1 & Titanfall 2. [Read More…]

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E3 2014 – Sony Media Briefing Highlights

June 11, 2014 0

To watch all the trailers and gameplay footage for the titles announced during the Sony Briefing, check out the YouTube playlist we have cultivated.     Sony started their Media Briefing with a trailer for Destiny before Andrew House, Sony President and Group CEO, took the stage to remind the audience [Read More…]


Shakespeare, Stan Lee & The Road Runner: SDCC 2016

August 3, 2016 1

I have always pondered what an experience it would have been to claim, casually over a tankard of Port, back at my fave, Yorkshire pub, The Gargoyle’s Daughter, in my twee, riparian village of Notting-on-Scythe, “Yeah, cool. I was at this amazing party last week, in London. Yeah? Shakespeare was [Read More…]

75 Years of Archie Comics: Betty & Veronica, American Girls

July 30, 2016 1

75 Years of Archie Comics: Betty & Veronica, American Girls by Jennifer Susannah Devore To me, Betty and Veronica symbolize something that is so right about America, where two girls from completely different backgrounds can find each other and become the best of friends. -Johnathan Goldwater, co-founder/publisher Archie Comics Veronica [Read More…]

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Hey, Girl. ‘Sup? Betty & Veronica: SDCC 2016

July 11, 2016 0

If you’re paying close attention to comic-reference specifics on The Big Bang Theory you’ll note one franchise regularly takes a hit: Archie Comics. Jughead, Reggie, Archie and the kids at Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe might be beneath Dr. Sheldon Cooper; yet, he wouldn’t even take notice if Betty and Veronica took [Read More…]


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Webcomic Wednesday – One Die Short

May 18, 2011 2

  It is Wednesday and you know what that means . . . webcomics! This week I am getting you in on the ground floor with a brand new webcomic, One Die Short. The first post hit the interweb on May 6th, and Matt Forcella has opted to continue posting [Read More…]

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Webcomic Wednesday – Corporate Skull

May 11, 2011 0

Corporate Skull original started in 2009, focusing on the life of a pencil-pusher in the corporate world. When an unfortunate photocopier accident removes his face, the main character realizes the great symbolism and embraces a refreshing sense of freedom. Adopting an attitude of not caring, he is empowered and begins [Read More…]


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