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We are a site for Geeks by Geeks. Good to be a Geek provides the nerdery you need, plus an interactive community. Meet fellow Geeks, organize a raiding party, engage in friendly debate, start an in-depth discussion on quantum mechanics and generally GEEK OUT LOUD.

What can you expect to see at Good to be a Geek?

– At the Con: Coverage of Anime, Comic, Gaming, SciFi & Technology conventions direct from the show floor.

– Bytes: Online deals to help you save money on gadgets, gear and services.

– Entertain Me: Previews and reviews of genre Movies & Television, including series I Watch SyFy and Beam in BBC.

– Game On: Previews and reviews from the gaming industry, including Board Games, Collectible Card Games, Live Action Role Play (LARP), PC Gaming & Console Gaming

– Geektastic: Articles highlighting Geeks you should know and their nerdy efforts.

– Geek Out: Staff perspectives on what it is to be a Geek, facing stereotypes, how technology affects everyday life and other nerdy topics.

– Out & About: Announcements and coverage of nerdy events. Whether it is a panel on the science behind SciFi or a theremin concert, you can read about it here.

– Week in Geek: Covering the Geek news and announcements from the past week.

and much more . . .


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