Happy California Christmas from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend … and Miss Hannah Hart!

Merrie Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all!

A very special Merci beaucoup!, all you kittens at GoodToBeAGeek, notably those whom annually enjoy my San Diego Comic-Con and WonderCon coverage! (Already thinking cosplay for WonderCon 2017! So excited! Thank Fortuna it’s back in Anaheim! Why leave Orange County if one doesn’t have to?)

Now, if you haven’t been watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, I urge you rubes to start. No time for a review right now (Christmas shopping, partying, haunting The Hotel Del and such); yet come 2017, there shall be appropriate Hannah pop culture praise posted right here.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, image CW Networks
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, image CW Networks

For now, Happy Holidays from Harvard hottie Rebecca Bunch, Esq., aka the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend … and your very own Hannah Hart!

Psst! 2017, BTW … bring it.

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