Good To Be A Gamer Podcast, Episode 122 – Week of 04/09/2012

Recorded 04/16/2012

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Good To Be A Gamer – At the Con: PAX East 2012
Geek Moms Podcast #19 – PAX East & Plague Town Author Dana Fredsti [Geek Mom]

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BioWare Delivers Intense PvP Action with New Free-to-Play Online Game Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes [EA]

Dark Souls PC to Use Games for Windows Live [Inquisitr]

Game of Thrones Delayed, but Here’s a New Trailer to Tide You Over [QuickJump]

US Government Looking to Track Suspects via Game Consoles [Gamasutra]

Halo 4 Gameplay: “Master Chief can Parkour with the Best of Them [Official Xbox Magazine]

Hitman: Absolution Joins the List of Games Screwing You Over With Pre-order Weapons [Kotaku]

Sony to Cut TV Production by 40%, 10,000 Jobs to Go [TechRadar]


Eidos: New IP Isn’t Crucial as Games Get Sophisticated [Destructoid]

Interview: GoG Speak Their Brains on All Things “G” [Rock Paper Shotgun]


Boston Comic Con
Hynes Convention Center – Boston, MA
April 21-22, 2012


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