Good To Be A Gamer Podcast, Episode 119 – Week of 03/18/2012

Episode 119 – Week of 03/18/12 through 03/24/12

Recorded 03/25/2012


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Prey 2 canceled (rumor)

Socom dev to be shut down? (rumor)

EA Shuts Down Game Servers [EA]

Silicon Knights resurrect “most requested” IP

Epic Mikey 2 Promises to Build A Better Mouse [1UP]
Announcement Trailer –
Nicole Wakelin “Total Fan Girl” Reviews Disney Epic Mikey –

GameStop Goes Big on Mobile with New Business Unit, BuyMyTronics Acquisition [Gamasutra]

Playing Dead with Telltale Games & The Walking Dead Game Available for Pre-Order [Telltale Games]

When ex-BioWare Devs Make Their Own Strategy RPG [Gamasutra]

BioWare done with Dragon Age II [Destructoid]

Darksiders II to be Wii U Lanch Title, Adds Enhanced Controls [Digital Spy]

Adventure Time Game in Works at WayForward [GameSpot]

PSA: Hunger Games: Girl On Fire Out Today [Joystiq]

Video Games Live “Off The Grid” Tour – Coming To a Small Town Near You [Video Games Live]

The Witness – Latest work in progress from Braid designer Jonathan Blow
Zynga’s CEO on Leadership, Startups & Mobile Gaming [GigaOM]
Get a Tattoo or Mohawk from Ubisoft at PAX East [Destructoid]

Mass Effect 3 ending explained (by a fan) (SPOILERS!!)

Bioware responds to ME3 outcry


PAX East
BCEC – Boston, MA
April 4-8, 2012

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