Good To Be A Gamer Podcast, Episode 101 – Week of 10/24/11

David Lucier joins Jessa Phillips to bring you the top news and upcoming events from the video game industry. They are feeding your need to know and delivering their take on the the week’s top stories. Get your video game fix every week.



Indie Games on Xbox Live [1UP]

Feeling the indie love, 1UP featured “8 Weird and/or Cool box Live Indie Games You Must Own.” List includes a gamer for everyone, with sports, brick-breakers, mazes, shooters and more. 1.) Downtown Smash Dogdeball; 2.) Keiten Patissier; 3.) Chieri’s Accidentally Heart-Poundy Steamy Journey; 4.) Pixelbit Helicopter Challenge; 5.) Leave Home; 6.) TIC: Part 1; 7.) The Monster Hero and the Mysterious Ruins; 8.) Wizorb



Batman: Arkham City Sales & Anticipated Nightwing DLC Content [MTV News]

A week after it’s release, Batman: Arkham City has received critical praise from reviewers and gamers alike. Shipping 4.6 million units worldwide during during the first week, doubling the sales of its predecessor, Arkham Asylum. The team at Rocksteady has been hard at work on the DLC content to help keep the strong sales going through the holiday season. The Nightwing bundle pack will be available for purchase on 11/01/11, followed by the Robin bundle available on 11/22/11. DLC bundles will be available on PS Network for $6.99 or 560 Microsoft points on Xbox 360 Live Marketplace. Check out the link for a sneak peek at the Nightwing DLC trailer.



DC Universe Online goes Free to Play [Eurogamer]

DC Universe allows PC and PS3 gamers the chance to live out their comic book fantasies. The game allows players to become a DC hero or villain as they try to save or conquer the world, alongside some popular characters like Superman, Joker and Wonder Woman. DC Universe will open their subscription model to incorporate a free to play plan beginning 11/01/11.



The Secret World MMO Beta Draws Gamers [GameSpy & Game Tyrant]

Funcom’s newest foray into the MMO landscape imagines a world where every myth, fable and legend is real and has shaped the world. Players join one of three secret societies: Dragons, Illuminati and Templars. Then they head into the world to fight monsters and struggle against the other societies for ultimate power. The Secret World is anticipated for April 2012, but beta access is open for registration. To date, more than 500,000 have registered for their chance to take a closer look, exceeding Funcom’s expectations.


GameSpy –


Game Tyrant –



Mass Effect 3 Demo to Launch in January [Game Tyrant]

BioWare confirmed access to the Mass Effect 3 demo will be available in January 2012 for single-player campaigns. Owners of Battlefield 3 will get multi-player access early when they redeem their online pass. BioWare has indicated there will be other ways to obtain early access to the multi-player demo for gamers that did not purchase Battlefield 3.



Video Game Earning Reports Indicate a Change in Gaming Trends [LA Times]

EA boasts earnings better than expectations for their second quarter. EA attributes its success to online and mobile gaming sales. On the flip side, Nintendo earnings fall short of forecasted projections and look towards even more disappointing returns.,0,6869624.story



Sony officially controls Sony Ericsson [GameSpot]

Everyone is grabbing for a bigger piece of the mobile gaming pie. Sony staked their claim in a big way with the release of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. Now, the entertainment giant is looking for a bigger piece, considering buying the majority sharehold of Sony Ericsson.




To the Moon $11.99 –

New twist on the indie/RPG adventure genre, the story follows two doctors who have developed a way to travel through a person’s memories and fulfill their last wish. Play the first hour for free. $12.00 to download the complete game


Star Legends

A sci-fi real-time mobile MMORPG. Free to download on the Apple App Store and Adroid Market. Boasting 3D graphics, lots of customization and regular content updates, you can play on the go.


Dragon Age: Redemption Web Series

BioWare teamed up with Felicia Day to create this web series based on the popular Dragon Age franchise. Day portrays an elven assassin tasked with finding a powerful mage who has escaped from Templar captivity. New episodes are released every Tuesday on Xbox, Bing Video and the Machinima YouTube Channel.



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