Good To Be A Gamer Podcast, Episode 100 – Week of 10/03/11

Good To Be A Gamer is back with a new focus and a new co-host!

David Lucier joins Jessa Phillips to bring you the top news and upcoming events from the video game industry. They are feeding your need to know and delivering their take on the the week’s top stories. Get your video game fix every week.


Gamer plays with one hand after recovering from stroke [IGN] –
Patrick Campbell suffered a massive stroke at age 14 that affected his entire right side. Because his dominant side was affected, Campbell lost the ability to enjoy his favorite pastimes, including playing video games. Through years of therapy and with an undaunted determination, he has regained his ability to walk, and even to play video games.

A look at the trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (to be released 11/08/11) [GameSpy]-
Without a doubt, Call of Duty is one of the biggest franchises in the industry. This latest trailer proves why, giving us a sneak peek at the anticipated Modern Warfare 3.

Sony considering buyout of Sony Ericsson [GameSpot] –
Everyone is grabbing for a bigger piece of the mobile gaming pie. Sony staked their claim in a big way with the release of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. Now, the entertainment giant is looking for a bigger piece, considering buying the majority sharehold of Sony Ericsson.


TempleCon 2012, Warwick, RI
Pre-Registration is Open. Pre-reg Badges will be mailed for the first time. 2012 promises even more non-stop gaming as the convention takes over the entire Crowne Plaza.

PAX East 2012, Boston, MA
Dates for the 2012 convention have been announced. April 6-8th PAX East makes Boston its home for the third year. Registration is not open yet, but is expected to go live soon.

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The Adventures of Shuggy [Xbox Live Arcade]

Duke Nukem Forever

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Deus Ex: Human Revolution


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