Good To Be A Gamer, Episode 114 – Week of 02/05/2012

Recorded 2/12/2012


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Dreamcast the Movie: Casting Eternal Champions

DICE 2012: Is the Publising Model Broken? [GamaSutra]
Halo Dev: Don’t Block Used Games With Xbox 720: Lower Prices Instead [Official Xbox Magazine]

Image Metrics Unreils Live Driver [Animation Magazine]

Gamebase to Unveil Gambryo 4.0 at GDC 2012 [Gamers Hell]

Double Fine Adventure Exceeds Funding Expectations [Kickstarter]

Notch offers to fund Psychonauts 2 [Pcworld]

Fighting Fantasy coming to iOS [Digital Spy]
IndieCade 2012 Accepting Submissions [IndieCade]

Dragon Age: Redemption Hits DVDs on February 14th [Joystiq]

Forget Used Games; Some New Game Sales Don’t Support Their Creators [1UP]

Battleship: The Video Game Trailer [IGN Entertainment]

Minecraft: Day One Live Action Web Series Project

Total Confusion
Holiday Inn – Mansfield, MA
February 23 – 26, 2012

Independent Games Festival
San Francisco, CA
March 5-9, 2012
Public can now vote for the 2012 Audience Award winner!

PAX East
April 4-8, 2012

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