Good To Be A Gamer, Episode 110 – Week of 01/08/2012

Recorded 01/16/11



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Dreamcast the Movie: Casting Eternal Champions



Bethesda & Interplay settle on Fallout rights [GameSpy]

League of Legends Developer & Player (US Congressman) Discuss their Opposition to SOPA/Protect IP Bill [1 UP]
Related: NVIDIA, Runic, Epic and Others Speak Against SOPA –

CD Projekt RED ends the hunt for Pirates [GameSpy]

Minecraft Creator Encourages Piracy? [IGN]

EA Reorganizes after Landmark $1 Billion Digital Year [GamaSutra]

Is to Blame for Xbox Live Hacks? [Edge]

Mass Effect 3 Will Require Origin on PC [IGN]

Square Enix make Scarygirl Graphic Novel playable for consoles [Kotaku]
Scarygirl Website:

Asura’s Wrath Demo Available on Xbox Live [Major Nelson Blog]

Silent Hill HD Collection Delay Until March [Joystiq]

Boxer Free DOS Game Emulator for Mac [Gawker]

Kinect Release for Windows at a Higher Price [Kinect for Windows Blog]



Doctor Who Worlds in Time



Crowne Plaza – Warwick, RI
February 3 – 5, 2012

Total Confusion
Holiday Inn – Mansfield, MA
February 23 – 26, 2012



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