Good To Be A Gamer, Episode 108 – Holiday Hiatus

After experiencing technical difficulties, we’ve decided it’s time for a break. It is holiday time after all. Before we head home for the holidays, there are a few items we wanted to share with you.


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Dreamcast the Movie: Recasting Super Mario Bros.
Andrew Marnik has a feature posted on Good To Be A Geek, Dreamcast the Movie: Recasting Super Mario Bros. It’s a poll and we’re asking for your input. We’re taking the hollywood flop and asking you to re-imagine the film as if it were being produced today. Andrew’s provided several options for actors to play the key characters, as well as a few options for directors. Click the link below to make your voice heard.


Geek Gifting has begun!
At Good To Be A Geek, we believe everyday is a great day to celebrate being a Geek. What better time to celebrate than the holiday season? We have procured some nerdy delights that we are gifting away . . . to you! Follow the link for more information on how to enter, complete contest rules and a peak at the deliciously geeky goodness you could win.




TempleCon 2012 – February 3-5, 2011
Warwick, RI
Pre-registration is open!

Total Con 2012 – February 23-26,2011
Mansfield, MA
Registration opens in January




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