Geek Music Monday – “Meganerd” by YTCracker

One thing is for certain, geeks and gamers are passionate. Add a bit of nerdcore passion with some good old fashioned creativity and we can do great things. Okay, maybe not great, let’s say . . . entertaining.

One of the creative ways we express ourselves is through music. Whether we take songs from popular artists or internet memes to make them relevant for the nerd set, or produce entirely original pieces, the latest geek music has a way of becoming an epic anthem. It is the deep-seeded love that prompts our newest series, Geek Music Monday.

This week, we are enjoying “Meganerd” by YTCracker. YTCracker is a well-known nerdcore hip hop rapper in the geek music community, so chances are you already love this track. For those of you unaware, YTCracker is a seasoned pro with 6 albums to his credit: N.E.S., Nerd Life, Serious Business, The Digital Gangster LP with MC Lars, Chrono Nurga and Space Mission. N.E.S. and Chrono Nurga are available for download on his website, while the other albums are currently available for purchase on iTunes.

At the core, “Meganerd” is about the humble beginings of a nerd and the rise to dominate over those that previously dismissed the geek set. It is a story of nerd empowerment, a true anthem. With a great beat that will find you nodding along and a great 8 Bit sample that will bring any nerd back to the gool ol’ days playing Legend of Zelda of the Nintendo Entertainment System, you will undoubtedly find yourself singing the lyrics of “Meganerd” as it plays on a continuous loop in your brain. And why not? It’s Geek Music Monday. As the song says, “just let your nerdy flourish!”


Courtesy of YouTube user, Bi0man22. Check out his YouTube page.


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